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10 Networking Tips for Software Engineers To Acquire Jobs in Top Indian SaaS Companies

Is it easier to fetch jobs in the top SaaS companies these days than it used to be once?

Well, the answer is “No” and “Yes.”


No, it has never been easier to fetch jobs in the top SaaS companies, especially the high-profile ones like Software Engineers, because these companies follow a strict selection process. 

Yes, because smart Software Engineers follow networking tips that help them obtain jobs easily. 

Here are ten useful networking tips if you are a Software Engineer aspiring to get a job in the top Indian SaaS companies.

But, before that, let us first understand what networking is, how it is helpful and how it helps you acquire jobs.

What is Networking? 

When networking is discussed, loose cable connections are the first thing that comes into our minds.

However, the networking discussed here is not cable connections but connections among people with similar interests.

It is the practice of meeting or talking to others that have similar interests or share a similar profession. This is what professional networking is. It is maintaining a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship.

Networking can happen at events, at offices, or through industry associations. However, it can be done formally by connecting with the relevant individuals via LinkedIn, e-mail, and other methods. 

What are the Benefits of Networking? 

Little do people realize its benefits, but networking is helpful in multiple ways, which include the following: 

  • Day-to-day work becomes pleasant.
  • Access to any critical information even before it is available through official channels.
  • It is easier to get assistance from people who are not obligated officially to help you otherwise. 
  • Last but not least, with networking it becomes much easier to get new jobs. 

Networking is important for your career growth. 

Networking Tips for Software Engineers

As a software engineer, you design and create computer applications and systems to solve real-world issues.

Networking is more accessible and beneficial than you think if you follow the right way. Here we go with a few highly practical tips to help you succeed and fetch the job of your dreams at a top Indian SaaS company. 

1. Come up With Your Brand

You must have developed several websites and apps for your company if you want to be successful in networking.

Start your one. Build a website or app that talks about you, your achievements, your portfolio, your previous work, etc.

Optimize that website and let people find and connect with you. 

When you build your brand, you come into the eyes of others who begin to follow you.

So, whatever your expertise may be, you should try it to do something for you and get connected easily.

Byju’s is a leading Indian SaaS company. If you have come up with an app similar to it and have it there across the net, there are chances of its Human Resources coming across your profile and recruiting you for the same. 

2. Take the help of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network.

It has more than 700 million members from 55 million different registered companies. You can connect with potential employers to get new jobs, network with experts in your field to develop a skill-set, source and hire candidates for your firm and do more. 

LinkedIn is not only helping software engineers find suitable jobs; it has proved to be a boon for a lot of professionals who acknowledge the benefit of networking.

You need complete your profile, optimize it, create an eye-catching summary, get endorsements and gather connections from the people you know. 

Joining LinkedIn groups is the best thing you can do.

There are dedicated forums where professionals with similar interests, industries and knowledge ask questions and discuss the topics they want to learn about. 

3. Cold Contacts Are Okay

There is no need to feel intimidated when a new person from your company whom you do not talk with contacts you. If you are working at a high profile like “Software Engineer” in a SaaS company, others would want to contact you, and this is how networking begins. 

You should reply to their “hi” and can strike up a conversation with them.

To build successful networking with people, you need to connect with them on a personal level.

So, you can talk about non-work-related topics that may relate to your shared interests. 

4. Join Forums and Social Media Groups

Networking with like-minded people helps. Being a software engineer, you will like to connect with software engineers working with other SaaS companies or maybe with developers or designers etc.

It is good to find out the proper forums to connect with them.

You can find out whether there is a “Slack group for your chosen technology.

You can attend real-life meet-ups or upcoming industry events. 

There are other similar forums like Quora, where you can connect with the people of your industry, indulge in everyday discussions, help them out and grow your network.

This goes a long way in helping you acquire the type of job you want in Indian companies or abroad.

5. Be Helpful

You are a Software Engineer working in an Indian SaaS company.

Think of the ways you can be helpful to those you are connected with.

If you can bring them some value from answering their questions, providing insight on the topic or even fixing a bug in the open-source code. 

If you can bring value to someone, you will be noticed more and will be able to grow your network more strongly.

You need to remember that there is no way you can form connections without adding value or helping others.

Also, you should not be hanging out at the wrong places. For instance, software engineers should not solely hang out on places meant for designers. 

6. Be a Volunteer

The key to success in networking is exposing yourself more and more. If your company hosts events often, you should show interest in volunteering. Not only this but present yourself well at corporate parties and events. 

You will be able to meet influential people and other companies similar to you that would help you make connections with others.

Hosting events for campaigning and marketing is a trend of Indian SaaS companies. Let the people know that being a Software Engineer does not mean that your skills are confined to technical issues only. 

7. Be A Speaker at Meetings

Networking becomes easier when you are able to influence and impress people.

So, during your events or even in the official meetings, you should try to present your ideas and views about the topic discussed. Do not be a mute spectator. 

Present your thoughts and encourage others to talk as well. The attribute of leadership quality can lead to your success in networking as more and more. 

8. Do A Follow-Up

As stated, networking is a tough task. You have to work hard towards it.

You need to keep in touch with the people you meet at a conference, build connections, and develop relationships with them.

The best way to do this is to create a list of influential people in the event and others of your type, like software engineers in Indian SaaS companies, developers or even people in human resources. 

You are following up after the event helps.

Networking begins with a conversation.

You can strike the conversation via just a phone call, message or even mail.

Keep the targeted person interested by being meaningful and sensible and maintaining the communication thread. 

9. Come Out of Your Shell

Networking is not for ntroverts. If you are a shy and hesitant Software Engineer who loves to be in the shell, you need to forget about getting jobs in top Indian SaaS companies via networking. You need to remember that networking is all about hustling things, and the hardest you can do that, the better rewarded you will be. 

Building connections with other Software Engineers, companies and developers is not an easy task, and you have to maintain a constant touch with them. Though better opportunities and professional growth are possible with networking, you need to make continuous efforts. 

10. Make Goals For Networking Events

As stated, attending social events and parties of your company is a great way to build a network.

However, it should be done meticulously. Make sure to be specific when you set goals and also make sure that you can achieve them.

You are sure to get a handful of opportunities, and you have to work towards those opportunities in just the right way. 

You can set goals or a blueprint. For instance, clearly define the number of connections you want to build in an event and accomplish that goal.

A Few Bonus Tips:

Networking can give you a sure shot and long-lasting results, provided you do it just the right way. With the help of the above-given valuable tips, you will be able to make connections successfully. Try these tips also. 

Make An Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is one of the best and the most effective ways of connecting and making a strong impression on somebody.

It is a proven way to make the connection. If you want your elevator pitch to stand out, it should be thoughtful, impressive and engaging. 

The pitch should help the audience understand you in a better way.

To make your elevator pitch effective, you need to summarize yourself as best as possible.

Elevator pitch is a brief of 3o seconds where you need to introduce yourself and put across the key points.

It is a good way of networking, but if you want your pitch to work well and just the way you want, write it beforehand and put in all the key points. 

Present Yourself As An Authority By Blogging

This is an exclusive tip for software engineers with an aptitude for writing. If you think your writing skills are as good as your technical skills, you can blog regularly.

It is a great strategy to build authority in your niche. You can be a problem-solver on a particular issue with your blogs. 

Also, if you have expertise on something, you can use a blogging platform to bring it to the fore of your audience.

This is a great way to influence and have people talking about you.

If your blog is well-written and optimized, you will become popular, and a lot of people will connect with you, making networking easier for you. 

Bottom Line

A lot of flourishing Indian SaaS companies are always on a lookout for well-qualified software engineers.

Cloudcherry, Zoho, Byju’s and Talview are also the top Indian SaaS companies that are excellent paymasters.

There is no doubt that strong networking skills help you secure jobs, but you need to be patient.

It is also a form of marketing where you must be committed and put in the effort before the results show.

Top recruiters make use of it and help their candidates place successfully. You can try this as well. It works!

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