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11 Useful Tips to Turn Your Internship Into Full-time Employment

When you enter a company as an intern, your sole purpose is to learn and grow.

People doing internships are either college pass-outs or still pursuing a degree. So, the learning opportunity turning into a full-time job offer is no lesser than a blessing in disguise for them. 

Here are we to guide you about how to make the employer you are interning with interested in you and make them extend a full-time job offer. 

According to a report, a lot of employers offer permanent employment to more than 80% of eligible interns. But, to be noticed only for punctuality and completing the assigned tasks is not enough. 

1. Look for a Suitable Internship

In most cases, college pass outs are so desperate to get trained for a job or get into a work atmosphere that they pick up the wrong Internship.

Do not let this happen to you! For instance, if you have a technical qualification, you should not join a company where salespeople are required to have any work experience. 

Your Internship should be a right fit for you.

If you want to land a job, join an IT company where your type of qualification and skills are needed.

This is common sense, but amazingly, many people take the wrong track. 

2. Set a Good Impression on People Who Matter

You need to show your best, and there are many things to keep in mind for that.

Before starting your Internship, you need to learn as much as possible about the company. Get to know the vision and mission of the company, its achievements, landmarks etc. 

You are under the magnifying glass of employer when you do your Internship.

So, to the supervisor or the manager under whom you are getting trained will check out whether you are flexible, learn things fast and have the capability to grow.

You will be judged on the factors like how you can manage tasks in different circumstances, how versatile and cooperative you are, your flexibility and teamwork etc. 

3. Show Your Enthusiasm And Ability to Take Initiatives

When you are offered an intern position, you tend to be passive. Please do not do so though it’s tempting.

Some supervisors instruct you about what to do and how to do etc. Do not be passive enough to say “Yes” in everything they say.

Though being humble to the supervisor is good, you can ask for all the confusion you have in mind. It is good to speak out. 

You can advise and suggest at times. Get to know what the critical aspects of your job role are.

Do not miss the chance to get feedback about your performance, how to improve etc. instead of being passive, show the supervisor that you are intelligent, enthusiastic and ambitious. 

4. Display Team Work Capability

You are not expected to sit in the corner and carry orders, so do not do this.

Try to be proactive, complete your work before time and take work from your colleague.

Also, it will be better if you take additional responsibility to help the company, like doing the tele-calling or answering the emails, etc. 

Always remember that whatever you do will be a valuable learning experience.

If you can take up minor extra duties that can prove valuable to the company, you will leave a good impression on the supervisor.

Try to prove as useful and as productive as you can to your company. 

5. Be Always Willing to Learn and Grow

Before starting your work at the office and adapting to the actual work culture, you may have learned about the company’s culture and studied in theory.

Always remember that you are there in the company to learn which should not stop once you have started working. You should be willing and show your willingness to learn.

So, you should aim towards attending workshops and seminars. Be inquisitive in nature and ask a lot of questions. 

Clear up your confusions and more importantly, show your dedication to work.

You are allowed to learn about yourself, so you should show interest in the work and pick up the training and other things that are useful to the company you want to work in. 

6. Know the Policies and Rules of The Company

Before joining any company as an intern, you should know the rules and policies they follow.

In the first week of your training, will learn about the rules, procedures and codes of conduct that you need to follow as a norm.

Interns are given all the information in a documented form, and you need to learn the rules before beginning the work to avoid trial and error. 

It is good to talk with your supervisor to find out what all things are allowed. Learning all company rules and following them will help you respect your company which is the best thing to do.

7. Maintain A Rapport With Your Supervisor

As an intern, you will be placed under a supervisor directly who is supposed to make you learn everything.

You should aim to maintain a rapport with your supervisor because whether or not to take you as a full-time employee will be their decision.

After you complete your Internship, the company will ask for feedback from your supervisor. 

Building a strong rapport with your supervisor does not mean you should become a slave. Instead, you should show your supervisor that you are an enthusiastic learner, good at taking the initiative, networking and creativity.

You should aim at taking feedbacks from time to time.

Make the supervisors feel that you are capable, flexible, and willing to learn. 

8. Make Clear That You Need A Full-time Job

If you want to turn your Internship into a full-time job, you must make it clear from the beginning.

You should not leave it to chance or wait for your supervisor to make an offer.

Most of the time, interns join a company to learn, train, and gain experience, so supervisors do not know your intentions. 

If you would let them know that you want to join as a full-time employee and have shown your capabilities, supervisors will have you in their minds when any permanent position arises.

You need to show your passion for acquiring the job. 

8. Display Your Work Ethics

You should strive towards proving yourself as a suitable candidate for full-time employment.

But, more importantly you should try showcasing the fact that you are committed and dedicated to acquiring a full-time job role.

You need to be brimming up with enthusiasm and show the company that you will be happy to take on your responsibilities and are well-adapted to the company’s work culture. Just follow these pointers: 

9. Be punctual and reach the workplace just on time. Do not be late for the meetings

Avoid making mistakes, but they are indispensable for beginners. If you make any mistake, you should expect it gracefully. 

Get your workspace and your tasks well-organized. Manage your time well and try to network. 

10. Indulge in Networking and Be Social

Though you need not aim at making supervisors your best friend, there should be a bond of trust between you too.

Apart from that, you should be good at teamwork and maintaining relationships with other employees.

Networking always helps you fetch jobs; additional employees may be consulted before offering you a full-time job. 

You must be cooperative, polite and humble to all because even if you do not land a full-time job in the company, the connections can help you build a long-term network. 

11. Acknowledge Your Mistakes With Grace And Don’t Repeat Them

As an intern and a beginner, you are vulnerable to mistakes. So, do not worry about them.

Making mistakes is not a sin. However, do not make other mistake by making excuses and imposing those mistakes on others.

Supervisors hate this. It is human psychology to hate someone who pushes their problems onto others. 

When a mistake is made, it should be accepted with grace and an honest commitment to not repeating the same should be made. 

Bottom line

Indeed, acquiring a full-time job with working experience is the best thing to happen.

Employers are more than ready to incorporate the interns who perform the best during their training.

But still, even after trying hard, if you cannot land a job in that company, do not get disheartened. You are still moving away with an experience letter which is a valuable addition to your credentials.

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