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12 Highest Paying Programming Languages 2022 in India

Skilled Programmers can expect to earn the highest packages if they are aptly qualified.

Here is an exclusive read for you if you are a programmer or a developer who believes in learning constantly and upgrading your skills to earn top salaries. 

Here are the top 10 highest-paying programming languages in 2022 in India that can take your IT career to the next level and help you achieve your dream success. 

Go or Golang

The language was designed and launched by Google developers in 2009. The language is also known as Golang, and its popularity is soaring as it is in great demand. This open-source programming language is used for general purposes. 

The language was developed to improve programming productivity in the era of massive codebases and multi-core machines. Though the language was recently launched, it is used widely for building reliable and highly efficient software products. The language is suitable for creating Stand-alone command-line apps or networks. 

It has become immensely popular among coders and developers because of its simplistic Syntax. The language is great for creating “stand-alone” scripts and command-line apps. 

The average salary of Golang developers in India is 8.0 Lakhs per annum which goes up to 22 lakhs per annum. 


Java is another highly popular language in India that can help developers earn the top packages.

This language is used for the development of 3 billion devices. A large number of applications can be developed with the help of Java which has robust security features that help develop temper-free systems and viruses. 

It is used in big-data processing, embedded systems and a wide range of mobile and desktop applications.

It has enhanced productivity features, and it is the world’s third most popular programming language after C and Python. 

Java developers’ average salary per annum is 9.2 lakhs, which goes up to several thousand.


Python is a high-level and highly popular general-purpose programming language used by over 80% of programmers.

It is a general-purpose and widely used language used for building websites, automating tasks, software and conducting data analysis.

The language has the presence of an extensive library and framework for supporting a number of applications. 

Python is platform-independent and it can run on Mac, Windows and Linux.

It has the presence of in-build GUI frameworks for wide-ranging cross-platform solutions.

The average salary of Python developers in India is 8.4 lakhs per annum and experienced developers can expect to earn 20 lakhs or more per year. 


The Objective-C programming language was developed in the early 1980s to build and support apps in the Apple ecosystem – Mac OS X and iOS. It is general-purpose, object-oriented programming built on top of C programming language by incorporating elements of Smalltalk-style messaging to make it an object-oriented language.

Objective-C supports OOP’s four core aspects: encapsulation, inheritance, data hiding, and polymorphism.

Objective-C remained the primary programming language used by Apple for its operating systems OS X and iOS and their respective APIs, Cocoa, and Cocoa Touch, until the launch of Swift programming language in 2014.

Despite that, Objective-C is still an extensively used language for developing Apple applications. Since it has long been used, tested, and implemented across different Apple platforms, Objective-C is a stable, reliable, and mature language. 


This high-level object-oriented programming language has been ranked 4th by the TIOBE Index.

C++ language is used for a wide variety of applications like banking applications, browser development, software development and game development etc.

It is the highest paying language for freelancers in the year 2022. C+ has enhanced features for improving clarity, readability and for troubleshooting. 

The language is faster and really efficient. It is one of the most widely used languages in game development. The language is really powerful for building robust, interoperable and scalable applications. 

C++ developers are earning an annual average salary of 7 lakhs per annum which goes up to 15 lakhs or more.


Ruby is one of the most popular high-level dynamic programming languages, known for its enhanced productivity and multiple programming paradigms.

It is most widely used for building a wide range of desktop applications, automation tools and data processing services.

The best thing about Ruby is that it cuts down the development time by 25%-50% compared to the other languages. 

This language was designed with the sole emphasis on simplicity and programming productivity. The language was developed in the mid-1990s by a Japanese named Yukihiro Matz. In Ruby, everything is an object which includes primitive data types. 

Ruby on rails developers in India are among the highest-paid ones. They can expect to earn up to 15 lakhs. 


SQL or Structured Query Language is a standardized programming language which is used primarily for managing relational databases and performing various operations.

It is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data. 

This domain-specific language is used in programming and designed for managing all the data held in an RDBMS or Relational Database Management System.

The language is much in demand for data analyst roles. It has appeared roughly 1.5 times more than Python for “data analyst” job openings. It is used mainly for backend development.

The average annual salary of SQL developers in India is 4.5 lakhs per annum which can go up to 10 lakhs or even more. 


Most people are unaware of Scala vl eut it is one of the programming languages that are high in demand.

It combines functional and object-oriented programming in one concise high-level language. Scala’s static type is used for removing bugs in complex applications. 

This object-oriented programming language has a high market value and features bug elimination in complex applications.

Scala has an edge over Python as far as performance is concerned because, unlike Python, it is statically typed.

Also, developers are of the view that it is faster than Java. Scala runs on the JVM, so Scala and Java stacks can be mixed freely to get seamless integration. 

The average salary of Scala developers in India can go up to 12 lakh per annum.


Kotlin is an open-source and high-in-demand programming language which targets JVM, JavaScript and Native.

JetBrains developed the language. This modern, concise and safe programming language is making developers happier.

The language works in tandem with Java and is used for its concise Syntax. It is easier to pick up, and with its help, you can create powerful applications quickly. 

In 2019, Google proclaimed that Kotlin is a preferred language for Android apps; from then on, its popularity and demand have skyrocketed. Apart from its readable Syntax and complete compatibility with Java, Kotlin now has the full support of Google’s ever-growing community. 


Perl is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, and dynamic programming language developed by Larry Wall in 1987.

It was designed as a Unix scripting language for text manipulation and making report processing simpler.

However, now Perl is used for a host of other tasks like system administration, web development, network programming, and GUI development, to name a few.

Perl borrows features from different programming languages, including C, shell script, AWK, and sed. Its Syntax is very similar to C.

Not for nothing, it is one of the most expressive languages! Perl is compatible with XML, HTML, and other mark-up languages and supports Unicode. With its database integration interface, DBI supports numerous third-party databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Postgres, etc.

The national average salary for Perl is $93,368 in the US, whereas, in India, it is ₹847,995.


Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, and compiled programming language developed by Apple for Linux, macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

It is a beginner-friendly language that is expressive, interactive, and fast. Since Apple Inc. engineered it, we can safely say that Swift combines some of the best elements of modern language thinking, which makes software development a pleasant experience. 

Swift does not compromise on performance or development speed – while the language is optimized for development at lightning-fast speed, the compiler is optimized for max performance.

Swift’s lightweight Syntax allows developers to express their ideas concisely. 

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