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9 Creative Ways Companies Are Attracting Talent

Start-ups have a tough time finding the right type of manpower that can help them grow.

What are the best people to hire?

How to hire and retain them? Plenty of things creep into the minds of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Discussed here are the nine creative ways companies attract talent. 

Gone are the days when taking resumes and cover letters and shortlisting them were the only ways to attract talent.

Different start-ups are now using creative ways to attract only the right talent. 

Here is a quick look:

1. Let Aspirants Join Your Insiders Community

Many start-up companies are adopting the culture of letting job aspirants join their insiders’ community and then enabling them to network with the existing employees, to interact with the recruiters through Q&As, events, content and forums etc. 

2. Invite the Top Talent to Build A Rapport

You can pick the potential talent and help them build a rapport with your team in person.

Also,  aim towards engaging them in person. It is very important to gauge their talent and help them familiarise themselves with your organization.

You need to engage them, help them put forth their thoughts and try to get your message right. 

Provide a unique opportunity to network with the present employees; share their thoughts and best practices. You can evaluate their talent and capabilities by engrossing them. 

3. Making Use of Artificial Intelligence

A lot of top-level multi-national companies make use of Artificial Intelligence for the process of shortlisting and conducting recruiting searches.

With the help of augmented intelligence, recruiters can be more proactive in their hiring process. It helps them determine whether the job aspirant will be a right fit for their culture or not.

The best part of using AI for recruitment is that it helps the hiring managers make use of the data for measuring the KPIs, which is very important for determining the quality of recruits hired. 

One of the most used AI-powered hiring platforms that companies use these days is HireVue. Thousands of companies deploy this hiring platform, and the prominent ones among them are Oracle, Vodafone, Unilever and PwC.

4. Try Jobcasting

An emerging recruitment technique that lots of big companies are making use of is Jobcasting. 

Most people are not aware of what it is. In this latest recruitment tactic, recruits share their stories in a friendly manner.

Not only this, Jobcasting enables a company to share its experience with the candidate, their achievements, success stories or visions, etc., to grab millions’ attention in just a few minutes. 

5. Making Use of Digital Job Fairs and Experiential Events

In the age of digitalization, virtual job fairs are becoming increasingly popular.

With virtual competitions, employers watch the candidates before they hire them. Besides that, candidates experience a work culture before getting hired. Conducting online competitions for the vacant job profile and choosing the winners is a great way to recruit the best talent. 

Many companies are gamifying the entire recruitment process with skill tests.

The conventionally used resume submission, shortlisting and then screening was a tedious process with no guarantee of attracting the best talent.

These days, skill tests are conducted as an alternative to the traditional resume process, where employers test recruits’ skills to ensure they are hiring a suitable candidate.

6. Putting in Linked in Optimal Use And Other Non-Conventional Social Media

There is nothing new about using LinkedIn to recruit staff, but most people do not know how to use LinkedIn optimally for recruitment.

Instead of just sending a message to the potential candidate with a link to your official site, you can use a LinkedIn tool known as SalesWings LinkedIn Message tracking.

This helps companies to check out how interested a candidate is for the job. 

Sometimes the link is clicked, but the candidate shows no interest.

With the help of this special feature, companies can get all the necessary information and then proceed with the follow-ups. 

A lot of companies are making use of non-conventional social media apps like Share Chat or even YouTube for both branding and recruitment. 

Even Slack’s public channels are becoming increasingly popular for affinity groups and those seeking out communities.

These non-conventional social media platforms have become havens for people to post jobs, photos and hashtags. 

7. Get Engaged in Peer-to-Peer Recruiting

Though LinkedIn and other recruitment sites are used a lot in the recruitment process, it is true that most candidates do not respond to the employers that hound them too much.

These days a creative mode of recruiting called peer-to-peer recruiting is very popular.

It is the process of using the existing team members to participate in the recruiting process. 

Using peers who have links through academic associations or previous companies helps greatly.

This creative recruiting process allows companies to get candidates with matching skills easily. 

8. Hosting of Open Houses

Nowadays, big companies are hosting open houses. Realizing the fact that the recruits need to be comfortable with their working environment, companies these days are letting the potential candidates experience the work culture. Indulging the job prospects in executive participation is a great way to make them feel valued. 

9. Mobile Hiring Centers Are in Trend

Some companies have fully-furnished buses, and RVs used at job fairs to interact better with potential recruits.

Mobile hiring centres at non-conventional venues like weekend sporting events or academic fairs are an inventive way to hire potential recruits.

That apart, Initiating proper conversation with prospects helps companies know the capabilities of potential candidates. 

Thinking out of the box is an excellent way to be different and have an edge over others.

Hiring just the right candidate has become a challenging task for companies of late, which is why a large number of companies are coming up with inventive ways to recruit suitable candidates. Most of these ways have been successful also. 

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