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Everything That You Want to Know About Thank You Letter

Before discussing how to write and post an interview letter, let us quickly look at what it is and why it should be written. Interview “thank you letter” is a letter written to the interviewer to express respect and common courtesy.

Most job aspirants fail to write this letter, which is a huge mistake.

Writing a thank you letter means acknowledging the interviewer’s time and efforts which sends a positive signal to him.

Why to write an interview “thank you” letter?

It gives candidates an edge over others who don’t do so because interviewers think that you are really interested in the company and your profile. 

It is a way of being polite and hence leaves a good impression. 

It adds a touch of personality, makes you stand out of crows and doubles your chances of getting hired. 

Following the basic etiquette of writing a thank letter can cover the extra mile other interviewees may not have. 

Here’s what Data Shows: 

Everyone has a hectic life schedule, so most people forget to write a cover letter. Here’s what the data shows:

As per a recent study, about 20% of hiring managers dismiss their candidature when they do not receive thank you letter after an interview.

About 80% of HR managers’ thank you letters help take the final hiring decision. 

A report shows that about 57-60% of job aspirants do not send thank you notes after being interviewed. 

When and How to Send Your Thank You Mail?

Do not go overboard in writing “handwritten thank you mail”.

It does not impress anymore. Interviewers are more interested in your suitability as an employer than your handwriting.

Another important thing to remember is that this email should not be delayed more than a day. It should reach the employer within 24 hours of your being interviewed. 

Apart from that, the best time to send it is either in the early morning or late at night.

If a panel was interviewing you, you need to send a thank you note to each member and refer each member by name. 

Write a clear and direct subject line

Do not try to be innovative in writing subject lines.

You need to make it just clear like this. 

  • Thank you for your time and suggestions
  • Thanks for the interview (date)
  • Nice to explore more about (Company’s name)

Like these, your subject line should be direct without beating around the bush.

Begin with a personalized greet

Each member must be addressed by name if there is an interview board or panel. 

Address the interviewer by name and begin with your style of greeting. 

Express Your Gratitude

All thank you notes should begin with “thank you.”

Choose your words carefully; they should be authentic and sincere. 

Show sincere gratitude to the interviewers who have given their time describing the job details and details about the company. 

Avoid using too many personal pronouns here. 

Show your interest in the job again

Apart from checking your abilities and suitability for the job, employers check out your zeal and eagerness to join them. So, state your willingness to join them in the letter again. 

Mention Something Specific That You Discussed During the interview: 

Try to give a personalized touch to the letter. You can mention what captures your interest during the interview or something that you found particularly interesting. 

You can refer to your skills and experience and show the interviewer how you would use them for the benefit of their company. 

Be Polite and Brief

You need to be polite and brief when you wrap up your letter.

You can wrap up with something like this: 

“In case you need any further information, please let me know. I will be happy to assist you with any information that can assist you with decision-making.” 

Also, say: “Looking forward to reverting as discussed.” 

Wrap With a Signing Off Professionally

In the end, you need to thank the board again. Sign off with a sincere/faithfully/truly/ with your full professional name and basic contact details like phone number, email address, and telephone number. 

Extra links like your professional profile on Twitter, LinkedIn or link to your site are highly appreciated. 

Dos and Don’ts to Follow

There are certain things to remember when you write this letter. 


Do a little bit of research work

Not all thank you notes are the same.

They differ in length, complexity and degree of formality also.

So, it is good to have research work done beforehand to know which one suits you the most. Always remember that it is an excellent way to impress your prospective employer, so you must work hard. 

Be appreciative

Thank you letter is a word of gratitude where you thank interviewers for taking their time and suggestions. So, you should be appreciative even if you have decided not to pick up the job. 

Do write about the thing that you liked during the discussions

If you feel that something of your interest has been discussed during the interview and you can assist the company with the same, you should mention it.

For instance, if the company has a plan to throw a campaign or a topic that interests you, you can say something like this: 

“I am looking forward to the talked about the campaign on “Women empowerment”. As a digital marketer, it would be my privilege to assist you in the same.” 

Do mention the things that skipped out of your mind

There may be certain important things that you forgot to discuss during the interview.

You can mention those things/ Like you can say: “I forgot to tell you that I would be unreachable for the next week though you can reach out to me via email or texts.”

Do show your interest in the position

Interviewers want to check out eagerness of the candidates to join them.

So, in the thank-you note, you should be willing to join them as it leaves a great impression.

Use words like: “I look forward to a positive response”, etc. 


Do Not Use Templates

As mentioned, every thank you letter is different.

So, please do not mistake taking a template online and copying and pasting the same.

Interviewers can figure out the same, which sends a wrong signal. 

Do not be too elaborative

Thank you letter should always be short, sweet and crisp.

Do not talk unnecessarily in it, and do not make it lengthy. 

Do not be so casual

Though you can be personal in the thank you letter, do not try to be casual.

So, do not send smileys, memes or gifs in the letter. 

Do not send your letter by phone

It’s easier for anybody to send an email via phone. But, do not do so when you need to send a thank you email because the words like:

“Sent it from iPhone, Realme plus etc. do not appear professional.

It is better to avoid this. 

A Sample Thank You Letter

Here is an example of an ideal Thank you letter:

Hello (Name of the interviewer),

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for taking your precious time to meet with me and discuss the (vacancy name) yesterday. I felt happy about learning about your business approach. 

The discussion we had yesterday at the meet made me more excited to join (business name). What interested me, in particular, is the challenges that you said your company is facing these days. In my previous/ current job role, I helped my company (discuss briefly how you tackle a similar problem).

I am confident that by virtue of my experience and my acquired skills, I will give you a similar success. Please let me know if you need further information on the same at any time. 

Looking forward to your response (quote the date when you were interviewed).

Thanks once again for your time.

Sincerely yours,

(Your full professional name)


Thank you notes after the interview is very important.

But, unfortunately, only a few people know about them.

If you want to get noticed and stand out of the crowd, you need to write an impressive thank you email.

However good you may have performed in the interview, you should not skip writing it. Take care of all the above points and come out in flying colours!!!

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