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FRESHSTART : A SaaS Talent Initiative

FreshStart - Bridging the gap between Talented IT Professionals who lost their jobs and companies.

Have you got laid off on account of market disruption or any other reason and want to get rehired? Then you are at the right place. We are here to assist you.

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Launch Date: 12 March 2023. (Database is small for now, but it is a start)

Welcome to FreshStart

A platform designed specifically for IT professionals who have lost their jobs or have been let go from the industry. Our mission is to make the job search and hiring process easier, more accessible, and affordable for unemployed IT professionals and companies seeking new talent.

We are new and growing, so you may see a few listings, but stay tuned. We keep updating it regularly.

  For SaaS and IT Professionals

Reignite your Professional goals and give a FreshStart to your Career with SaaS Talent

We understand that layoffs are a part and parcel of corporate life, and wish to help candidates transition through these obstacles smoothly.

Laid off candidates from previous employers can connect with recruiters to discover suitable opportunities and kick off their professional journeys again.

Employers can tap an excellent pool of talented and experienced candidates.

As a platform with a strong database of candidates and recruiters, FreshStart serves as a virtual recruitment platform ro restart your career.

So, don’t wait anymore, Register Here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Freshstart is a non-profit initiative of SaaS Talent that brings together talented candidates and employers together.

SaaS Talent is a talent marketplace for both job seekers and employers. With a strong database of experienced candidates, SaaS Talent assists employers to discover the best talent. Candidates can filter through employers and connect with them through recruitment experts of SaaS Talent.

It offers multiple benefits to professionals who have got laid off. It shortens their job discovery journey. 

Not at all. If you are a professional who has a part of a layoff, then by joining Freshstart marketplace, you can easily discover jobs and increase your chances of getting into the desired role.

No. SaaS Talent works for the social cause, providing a helping hand to laid-off professionals. It’s a non-profit initiative that brings together talented candidates and employers together. It also doesn’t charge any fees to employers. For both job seekers and employers, registration is completely free. So, it’s a must-visit platform for laid-off employees who have lost their jobs.

LinkedIn posts seeking job search assistance garner likes and views but seldom prove helpful in getting interview calls. Soon, your post becomes outdated, and hardly anyone searches for it later. Similarly, job sites do not offer community features where candidates and recruiters can interact openly. SaaSTalent works as a community and encourages free discussion between job seekers and employers, thereby overcoming the limitations that LinkedIn and job sites pose.

With paid job sites, the candidate database is accessible only to those employers who pay fees. So, in order to avail of the full-fledged benefits of the platform, employers have to go for the paid features of the platform.

SaaSTalent offers a free database of laid-off Indian IT professionals. Anyone trying to get back into the corporate world and start a fresh inning can use this platform free of charge. With time, the profile gets more views and the chances of interview calls improve.


How We Help Job Seekers?

We understand that losing your job in the IT industry can be devastating and that finding a new opportunity can be challenging, especially for women re-entering the workforce after a break in their career. That's why we're dedicated to showcasing your skills and experience to potential employers in the IT industry.

Create a profile with us, and we'll promote it on various social media platforms, highlighting your current job status and maximizing your visibility.


How We Help Employers?

Finding the right candidate can be a time-consuming and costly process, particularly when you're looking for unemployed IT professionals who are eager to contribute. Traditional job sites often charge hefty fees to access their database of job seekers, leaving many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) out of the loop.

We offer employers free access to our curated database of unemployed IT professionals, with a limit of 10 downloads at a time to prevent spamming. This ensures that even SMEs have an equal opportunity to connect with top-notch talent who are actively seeking new opportunities.

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What We Offer

Check out our offerings.

Our platform is designed specifically for IT professionals who have lost their jobs, giving them the support and visibility they need to re-enter the workforce.

Unlike traditional job sites, we provide employers with free access to our database of unemployed IT professionals, helping SMEs save money and resources.

Our team diligently promotes IT job seeker profiles on various social media platforms, emphasizing their current job status and increasing their chances of being hired.

We are committed to helping women who lost their jobs in the IT industry or are re-entering the workforce after a career break by promoting their profiles and connecting them with suitable employers.


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