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Looking for a solution to solve your hiring challenges?

You already know that SaaS/Cloud is the next big thing because you have a SaaS Product Start-up in India.

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Do you want to hunt SaaS/Cloud talent from specific SaaS Companies? Maybe you want to hire from your direct or indirect Saas Product competitor?Are you frustrated with the talent availability on traditional job sites?Are you not getting responses to your job postings from the right Saas Candidates?Do you find linkedin sourcing tedious without immediate results?Do you wish to access the entire talent mapping of Saas Companies that matters to you to get the best talent?

You are at the right placenow!

Access the entire talent Map of Saas/Cloud Talent, and what’s more, we can do the full-cycle recruitment for your company.

As an Employer, What do you get?

Thousands of SaaS Professionals mapped across the country and in Pune.

You can select the target companies to head-hunt, and we do that for you.

We can build a Talent Map specific to your needs if you do not find the right company talent in our current talent map.

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Hire the Best SaaS Talent in the Industry

Reach out to the expert members of the community.

Reach 5000+ SaaS, AI, ML, Data Science and IT experts.

We recommend you only the best curated talent.

Check our partial list of mapped talent database.

Build your employer brand effectively.

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You're in a Good Company

Perfect People Search is a Global professional recruitment service company based in Pune, now specializing in SaaS/Cloud talent-hiring at a global level.

With more than 20 years of experience providing quality recruitment consulting solutions in IT at a global level, we have also focused on catering to the needs of IT companies in Pune.

Years of Experience
of companies believe that talent shortage slows down their cloud implementation.
of companies lost an average of $14900 (INR) for each wrong hire.
is what you can save if you avoid a bad hire.

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Global Client Testimonials

I have worked with Rakesh for the past 6 months to build a data team (software engineers, data engineers, devops, annotation) in Hyderabad and he has gotten me from nothing to 5 great team members in a short time. Rakesh is professional and worksw hard to fulfill our needs. Hiring in India, from the US, can be challenging if you don't have experience. Rakesh has made this process worry free and very positive.

Chris Tambos

Chris Tambos

VP, Data & Analytics, Fortune Brands Global Plumbing Group


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