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How can Freshers impress Recruiters by writing a great resume?

If, like so many other fresh graduates, you too are confused about how to write a fresher resume that can impress and help you fetch a decent job, here is a good read for you!

Fresh graduates, who enter the workforce for the first time, do not have much to mention in their resume; hence, they fail to write an impressive resume.

In this how to write a fresher resume-A step-by-step guide, you will find everything you need to know.

What is a Fresher Resume?

As manifested by its name, a fresher resume is the resume of a recent graduate that has little to no work experience.

To cover up the lack of experience, a fresher’s resume focuses on soft skills, certifications or achievements obtained at the academic level that can strengthen the candidature of the job aspirants.

Why is Fresher Resume Important?

As it is the first contact between hiring managers and job aspirants, it is utterly important.

It is the window through which recruiters peep in and have an idea about whether the fresher will be suitable to hire or not.

Since a fresher lacks experience, the resume should be designed wisely to cover this deficit. Here are a few basics to remember:

How to write a Fresher Resume

Since it’s their first time in the workforce, their first time facing the interview panel and their first time writing a resume, they lack confidence.

Most fresh graduates wonder how I get my resume noticed by the recruiters.

Start With Reading the Job Advertisement Carefully and Picking Out Keywords:

First, you need to make a note of the keywords of the job posting so that you can craft your resume around them and know which skills are to be highlighted.

All these skills should be directly relevant to the job you apply for.

Distribute these keywords all through your resume. Also, understand the requirement of the employer.

Get to know the job requirements, educational requirements and other Things like travelling. Once you know these things, frame your resume accordingly.

Make it Visually Appealing

Keep the language simple all through and in neat bulleted points.

Once you have read all the information carefully, you should begin by choosing the format.

Try to make your resume visually appealing. It is one simple but most effective way to make your CV stand out. The layout and format of a resume are important. A resume that is easy to read is preferred because it shows the professional and organizational skills of the candidate. One-inch border, clear font and proper alignment are essential.

All the information should be put neatly and precisely. Simple language should be used, and technical jargon should be avoided. Candidates must go through the various online templates and databases written by professional experts.

Try to Impress Right From the Contact Information

Contact information should be right at the top of the resume because the main purpose of a resume is to help the hiring managers reach you.

Make sure that you provide a permanent residential address, correspondence address, e-mail and phone numbers etc. Addresses can be skipped because candidates are contacted mostly online in the present digital age. Most importantly, you can begin to impress recruiters right from the place where you put your contact information.

For instance, if you are applying for a SaaS industry, you can put a QR code at this place directing the recruiters to your profile, sample work etc. When the recruiter scans the code and reaches your sample work, it sends just the right signals to him.

Besides, it is important to include links to your social media accounts under the contact information section.

Skip Objectives and Write a Personal Summary

A short paragraph summarizing your skills, education etc., is a must-include. This makes your resume easy to navigate.

It can include your career objective also, like where you want to see yourself in the next ten years.

This paragraph aims to summarize your key skills and relevant experience if you have any. You can put other things like why you think you are a suitable candidate for the job profile.

Since the paragraph is short, include only the precise information that can help you get a quick overview of your profile.

You can mention the same if you have any relevant work experience through extra-curricular activities or volunteer work.

Always remember that your work experience is the experience you gain through voluntary activities. You can choose to create this section if you have certifications and endorsements to prove your claims.

Highlight Your Educational Background Section

This section is very important for candidates with no experience. Make sure that you enlist your educational details in a reverse chronology.

The name of the degree, institute, location, year etc. should be mentioned along. If you have something worth noticing, do not forget to mention it, like College topper, best student award, study abroad programs, relevant training and other similar things.

You should emphasize more on numbers and the achievements that you have all through your academic life. Please do not forget to mention if you have received a scholarship or other award.

Enlist Your Soft and Hard Skills

This section is very important because recruiters do look for candidates with a lot of soft skills that can prove to be an asset to the company. If you have skills like time-management, gift of the gab (communication skills), teamwork, organizational abilities etc., you should mention them.

But, when you are adding these skills, make sure that they are related directly to your job profile. For instance, a customer care executive or salesperson must have good communication skills. To know more about what soft skills hiring managers exactly look for, read this.

Extra-curricular Activities

Every company hosts events every now and then.

Hence they look for candidates who are good at sports, crafts, music etc.

Whether you have interests in one or more of these or have any special achievements in the same, you should mention them. This makes your CV much more valuable as many employers want candidates who are good at extra-curricular activities and can take care of their events and campaigns.

Paid/Unpaid Internships

If you have worked as an intern, whether paid or unpaid, you will have the edge over others who have not, so this is a must-have section of your resume.

You need to mention your duties as an intern, what you have learnt during your internship, etc.

Let the recruiters know that you have at least learned something about the job role that you would be assigned.

Bottom Line

Beginners are often perplexed. They do not know and often ask what I should write in my resume to impress recruiters.

If you are one of such fresh graduates who want to be out on a job hunt, do not waste your money on getting your resume designed by a professional.

You can do so easily all by yourself and can impress recruiters also. So, don’t be perplexed; write your resume yourself. If you pay heed to the above tips, it will be a winning one.

Here are the mistakes that you need to avoid in your resume.

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