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Talent Acquisition Strategies To Acquire the Best SaaS Employees

Here are the Proven & Tested Talent Acquisition Strategies To Acquire the Best SaaS Employees.

Plus the Bonus Tips!!

Due to the tremendous growth potential of the SaaS model, many companies are switching to it.

They are in constant need of trained and well-qualified human resources.

However, hiring the right candidate for the SaaS sales and technical team is daunting!

Most start-ups and well-established companies put in a lot of resources, and even then, they fail to acquire their dream employees.

For their thorough guidance, we have developed a good read on the most effective hiring strategies for SaaS companies in 2022. 

Let us begin with the top acquisition strategies to find the SaaS sales team first.

Make Your Sales Processes And Strategies Very Clear

First, your sales strategy should be clear enough to hire the best sales team.

You should prepare a document to clarify your sales processes and check whether the candidate you want to hire can be a fit.

Your standard sales processes should be in place to acquire the best SaaS or sales team for any other business venture. 

A Harvard business review study revealed that about 50% of the best-performing sales teams are highly motivated and efficient because of their explicit goals and directions.

Hence it would be best if you went on choosing an employee that you think would accomplish your sales plan.

Apart from that, you should identify the critical skills you want to have as a sales job aspirant.

Most SaaS companies with successful sales teams look for the attributes like networking, teamwork, effective communication, leadership qualities etc.

Hire the One That Understands SaaS Market And Consumers

This is an important consideration. The candidate with prior experience selling SaaS products will be promising because they know the market.

The best sales employees are those who can speak the language of your consumers, identify what is troubling them and what makes them happy and can communicate the USPs of the product to the right people who need it. 

The ones that know and understand the consumers can easily find out who all do not need the product and can save a lot of time.

Eventually, they can close the sales and help you retain customers as they know who to reach out to and how to present the product to them.

A Proven Track Record

It is good to have a close look at the track record of the SaaS salesperson that you want to hire.

Good performers have a proven track record of success.

If the person has worked with a SaaS company and has driven-in sales, they are worth hiring. 

Problem Solving Nature 

An excellent SaaS sales representative goes out to the field, communicates and convinces potential customers.

Hence a problem-solving nature is a desirable trait that a SaaS sales representative should have.

A candidate with a positive mindset and a go-getter is always preferred.

Strong Communication Skills

Good communication skills are highly desirable for any employee, but they should be a salesperson’s exclusive trait.

So, while hiring the SaaS sales team, understanding how well the job aspirants know your SaaS product and how well they would be able to represent it is essential. 

Your priority as a recruiter is to check whether the candidate you want to hire can represent your product effectively in spoken and written communication.

Go In for Separate Hiring for Customer Support Department

Most start-ups lump their customer-care department into sales which should not be done.

For the companies that have just begin doing this does no harm but when the company grows, a separate customer support department is needed.

Attracting top talent in SaaS recruitment is possible when customer-care employees should not be confused with the sales team. 

The customer-care department is responsible for acquiring customers’ goodwill by taking constant feedback, resolving their queries and problems, arranging their meet with the sales representatives, etc.

It is essential to understand that SaaS companies operate on a subscription basis, so developing a long-term relationship with the customers matters the most here. 

There can be downtimes or other similar problems that are difficult for the sales team to handle. Hence, separate hiring for taking customer care problems should be hired.

Look for Creativity And Power to Convince

Marketing is all about building trust in the brand and retaining the customers’ loyalty.

It is about creating interest in the product and helping the prospects realize its utility.

So, one of the top talent acquisition strategies to find the best SaaS employee for sales is to figure out how creative the job aspirant is.

The suitable candidates are those who can present the product creatively, have the power to convince and can take smarter decisions for closing sales.

Tech Savvy

Efficient communication skills and the power to convince are not the only attributes you should look out for in the sales team you want to build.

Sales representatives in the market to represent your products should be tech-savvy.

They need to understand the product well, explain it to prospective customers and use different types of apps for sales tracking.

Hence the candidate that needs to be hired should have basic technical knowledge.

Top Talent Acquisition Strategies to Find the Best Saas Employees For Operations

The world of SaaS operations is changing at the speed of light. So, to keep pace with the best SaaS companies, you must hire the best SaaS talent.

Ask For the Demonstration of Skills

Gone are the days when software companies hired engineers and technical teams based on qualifications alone.

One of the most effective hiring strategies for hiring SaaS companies in 2022, primarily for operations, is to ask for a demonstration. 

The one with a proven record of initiative about learning should be hired.

You should check out things like whether the candidates have tested and studied Docker, how many scripting languages they know etc. 

Check Out the Expertise On Handling Difficulties

The best SaaS operational engineers know their influence on the value and function of the SaaS products.

They know and understand how to handle downtime effectively. So, aspirants seeking a SaaS technical job should know how to address operational issues.

While interviewing the candidate, it is essential to gauge the candidate’s ability to tackle the functional problems that keep cropping up from time to time. 

Candidates With Innovative Minds Should be a Priority

There is a culture of innovation in teh companies, and a SaaS set-up is no different.

Engineers who can instil a culture of innovative thinking are the future of technology.

How to improve the product, what updates can be done, what would be a better version and a lot more.

Engineers with innovative minds who can think as creatively as architects are the future of the SaaS market.

An Apt Experience And Expertise

One of the foremost things to look for is experience and expertise in the same SaaS product you are dealing with.

A candidate with a good experience and knowledge in the relevant field is highly desirable.

They should also have the right set of skills that you need. Instead of asking the candidate, “where did you learn from” it is better to ask: “What all do you know?”

Find a Fit To Your Work Culture

Every company has a work culture, so a new employee to be recruited should be suitable to fit into that work culture.

An effective hiring solution is to find out whether the recruit should fit into that culture, adjust to the work and peer pressure, come up with the idea for the betterment of the product and mingle up with the culture of the company.

Knowledge of Multiple Scripting Languages

When hiring for a SaaS technical team, one thing should be clear in mind.

So, the best talent acquisition strategy for the SaaS team is to find out while recruiting that the candidate should be well-versed in multiple scripting languages.

A coder or a web developer proficient in just one scripting language should be avoided.

Someone who can embrace new technology and come up with breakthrough ideas is always desirable.

Some Bonus Tips

Other additional talent acquisition tips apart from the above ones can help you speed up the process of hiring the right candidate for your SaaS company.

Restructure the Application Process

There are times when most SaaS companies adopt all the right strategies but forget to do certain basic things like restructuring their application process.

A complicated process can indeed scare away the best talent.

However, there is no perfect formula for the application process.

But, the process involves screening the entire application, taking the initial interview, follow-up interview and finally, rejection or offer. 

For instance, the follow-up interview can comprise a mock presentation on any hypothetical case where candidates can shadow current employees.

The entire process can create an ambience that can bring out the best-hidden potential of the candidate.

Compensation Should be Attractive Enough

If you are willing to pay the best, you can attract the best talents.

There are chances that your competitors in the market are in talks with the same skills.

It would help if you always were willing to pay compensation that is above average in the market.

If you pay perks and commissions in addition to the attractive packages, your chances of standing out in the market will be bright.

All the top companies pay handsomely to their employees and retain them. 

Make use of Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools if you want to attract the best talents.

A lot of job aspirants the top talent are available on LinkedIn.

Similarly, there are other social media and top job sites where the suitable candidate can be found.

With the digitalization of the present era, recruiting has become more accessible.

Optimize Your Job Descriptions

Whether you want to attract top SaaS talent or employees from any other field, you should come up with detailed and clear value propositions.

Lengthy job descriptions are turn-offs. You can provide applicants with an overview of the advantages of working with your company.

The company’s work environment, mission and vision should be clearly described to attract the top SaaS talent.

Bottom Line

Acquiring the best SaaS talent can be daunting, and companies cannot flourish without a qualified workforce.

So, how do you achieve the right candidate? If you want to save time, energy and resources, you can outsource SaaS talent acquisition to a reliable job consultancy.

They take the complete onus of helping you obtain the best SaaS talent.

From their experience, they know the top talent aspiration strategies to find the best SaaS employees. 

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