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Top 5 Power Tips To Land In Your Next Saas/Cloud Job

SaaS is one of the most promising spheres and to surge ahead along the trajectory you need to successfully tackle selection stages that come your way.

Preparing for selection process requires you to holistically consider all areas that may be part of your interviews, tests and assignments.

Since there is a fierce competition amongst SaaS enterprises, each enterprise wants to have the best resources in its team.

To get into a company that values your talent, offers sumptuous compensation, rewards you for your achievements, and offers a long-term growth, you need to ace through selection process.

In order to assist you in preparing for your dream SaaS interview and allied selection processes, here are 5 power tips to follow.

1. Strengthen the foundation

Like any other job, even with SaaS jobs, the fundamental element is to strengthen your foundation.

You must build a solid base so as to easily handle the onslaught of different types of questions, problems, scenarios and use cases. Sometimes seemingly easy things turn out to be the toughest in reality.

Let’s assume you work as a cloud specialist with a well-established company and now applying for a role in a startup.

Don’t forget to compare the magnitude of projects that you are currently handling and you are expected to handle in the startup.

Things are going to be different and you must visualize the project scenario, for you will encounter several questions surrounding it.

This requires you to brush up your basics and understand how they would be applicable to the prospective company’s work.

2. Have relevant answers for What, How, and Why

In a typical SaaS interview, be ready to answer multiple Whats, Hows, and Whys.

These may revolve around technical as well as non-technical aspects.

Technically, you will have to answer What’s difference between the AWS and Azure? What do you think offers the best performance – AWS, Azure, or GCP? What are the challenges in implementing AWS? What are the cost components involved in cloud TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculation? What are different stages in cloud testing? What has motivated you to be a part of our company?

When it comes to How, you may be expected to answer How do you think AWS-based cloud proves advantageous?

How would you analyze cloud TCO?

How would you compare AWS, Azure, and GCP?

How is Azure different from AWS

With Why, again you would encounter many questions like Why do you want to join us?

Why are you motivated to work in this role? Why did you choose cloud computing as your career?

Why AWS is preferred over Azure or GCP?

Well, these are just a sample questions, and in practical case, you will be grilled to answer toughest technical questions.

The best way is to relate your practical experience to the problem. In case, you haven’t practically worked on a concept, you can theoretically apply it to a problem explaining your approach.

This will help you in proving your talent and convincing the selector(s).

3. Familiarize yourself with company’s offerings

Landing in an interview, without the knowledge of what the prospective company offers, is the biggest mistake that candidates perform.

The common assumption is that having idea about company’s services or solutions doesn’t make any difference.

Know it very well that today’s emerging SaaS, Cloud, analytics and product companies are very much concerned about how much candidates know about their core forte and services and solutions.

Finally, you are going to be an important part of that “core strength” and so this expectation from candidates is valid and reasonable.

As a first step, as soon as you get a call for interview, first visit the website of the company.

Go through their service/solution pages. Read through customer success stories/client case studies and white papers.

Try to go through as many collaterals as possible. Besides being a requirement, this is the best way to get an insight into technicalities incorporated into different solutions.

You can relate your competencies to the ones from the offered solutions.

4. Know how you can make a difference

SaaS is fast growing at a breakneck speed. Startups are fast coming up in the market.

The field offers a promise of growth to professionals working in the domain.

While there are growing opportunities even the competition to secure a good opportunity is growing fiercer.

People are ramping up their skills and striving to distinguishing themselves from the crowd.

To successfully assure your selection, you must thus introspect your abilities and have a convincing answer to show how your presence in the recruiting company’s team will make a difference to it’s SaaS and cloud initiative.

So, besides being a cloud certified professional, cloud engineer or and expert cloud architect, how you can bring transformation is the major question you must answer before your finish your SaaS/Cloud interview.

5. Have industry knowledge

SaaS/Cloud is a growing field with changes happening almost every single day.

New technological trends keep emerging frequently and as such the expectations from SaaS/Cloud professionals are huge.

They are under a constant pressure of updating themselves, lest they become outdated.

The best way to remain updated is to become an active member of known communities.

While certifications, course and projects add value to your technical portfolio, being part of communities expose you to vast sea of knowledge that’s updated in real-time.

You know what steps you must initiate as next actions to thrust your career in the right direction.

Being part of communities will also give you an idea of how different cloud providers are planning their launches or have introduced new changes or are expected to make changes.

You thus always remain ahead of the curve.

Prepare to succeed

Dedicating special efforts to preparing for your dream SaaS/Cloud interview/selection process is essential.

SaaS/Cloud is a highly dynamic and competitive space which requires SaaS professionals to adopt the right pathways and implement the right strategies to succeed.

Preparation just not gives an additional edge rather almost secures your position in the prospective company.

The sooner your start preparing for your SaaS interview, the sooner you will get confidence of landing in your dream role. So, start preparing today!

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